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technical support

Email support
I provide technical support via email. Send a message to robert@drive5.com.

Read the intallation instructions carefully!
Most support questions I get are due to not reading the install instructions.

Support is provided for standalone MUSCLE only
I do not provide technical support MUSCLE if it is invoked via a web site or a wrapper package. Please make sure you can reproduce the problem in a MUSCLE command-line before you contact me for help.

Please include the full version number and all command-line options in your email.

Use attachments -- do not send command lines or data in the body of an email message
Please do not paste command lines, sequences or input / output data into the message. Email systems sometimes change formatting in important ways. Better is to attach files using an archive format like zip or tar, especially if you're sending multiple files. Under Windows, you can use winzip and other utilities to create archive files. If you have data that is too large to send as an attachment,
you can use a free file sharing service.

Please be considerate
MUSCLE has thousands of users, and on a typical day I get several tech support questions. I'm happy to support the software, but I would appreciate it if you were considerate of my workload. I am not paid a salary to do this work, and I don't have grant support.

Please make an effort to solve the problem yourself, or at least narrow it down as much as you can. Then, communicate the problem clearly and concisely, but with enough detail that I can understand what's going on.