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technical support
Email support
I provide technical support via email. Send a message to

Sequences and other email attachments
Please don't send sequences or other files in-line in the message. Email systems sometimes change formatting in important ways. Better is to use an archive format such as tar, especially if you're sending multiple files. Under Windows, you can use winzip and other utilities to create tar files. If you have data that is too large to send as an attachment,
you can use a free file sharing service.

Response time
I answer most questions same day. If you don't hear from me after a couple of days, maybe your email got spam- or virus-filtered, then you're welcome to send a follow-up message.

Toy example
If MUSCLE does something unexpected, e.g. crashes or fails to produce expected results, then please make a toy example. it's a big help, thanks!

Please be considerate
MUSCLE and USEARCH have thousands of users, and on a typical day I get several tech support questions. I'm happy to support the software, but I would appreciate it if you were considerate of my workload. I am not paid a salary to do this work, and I don't have grant support. Please make an effort to solve the problem yourself, or at least narrow it down as much as you can by making a toy example.