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Robert Edgar
Robert C. Edgar, PhD.
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1975-1982 University College London.
BSc Physics (1st class honors)
PhD Particle physics (lattice gauge theory).

1982-1988 CTO, IDBS ApS., Copenhagen.
At IDBS I designed and implemented a database server and application development environment. The IDBS software was based on a flexible, self-describing data format that was quite different from the hierarchical and relational systems that dominated the market at that time. Our platform anticipated key features of XML as early as 1982.

1988-2001 Founder and CEO, Parity Software, San Francisco.
Parity Software created software development tools for computer telephony applications. I founded the company and served as CEO, chief architect and lead developer of Parity's core products, which won numerous industry awards. I built the business to 30 employees and $10M/year sales and sold the company to Intel in 1999.

2001-present Independent scentist.
Since leaving Intel in 2001 I have been an independent scientist, working mostly in computational biology and bioinformatics. In this field, I am best known for developing the widely-used MUSCLE and USEARCH programs, which have been cited by thousands of published papers. A 2019 study reported that I am in the top 0.01% of living scientists measured by the impact of my work. I also work as a consultant and look for opportunities to leverage my unique combination of business and scientific skills by helping start-up companies.