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otutab_forest_classify command

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The otutab_forest_classify command is used to predict metadata categories for samples in an OTU table using a random forest which was previously trained on an OTU table (or feature table) with known categories.

The OTU table filename is specified following otutab_forest_classify.

The random forest parameter file is specified by the -forestin option. The parameter file is generated by running forest_train or otutab_forest_train.

Predictions are written to a tabbed text file specified by the -tabbedout option. There are three fields:

#1. Observation label (typically, sample name).
#2. Predicted category.
#3. Confidence (P).

Confidence values are in the range 0 (low confidence) to 1 (high confidence).


usearch -otutab_forest_classify otutab.txt -forestin forest.txt \
  -tabbedout predictions.txt